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  • What I Do - Public Affairs for the Digital Age

    I help government agencies, law firms and associations seize business opportunities through technology-driven stakeholder engagement.
  • Farming Carbon to Address Climate Change

    As more and more businesses appreciate the risk posed by climate change, financial incentives are adapting - and creating new business opportunities.
  • Get Outside - Expand Your Horizons!

    Whether I’m in my garden, cruising in my kayak, or fly casting for the fish of a lifetime - the beauty and power of nature never fail to inspire.

What I Do

I specialize in collaborative public affairs and stakeholder engagement for the digital age
I combine expertise in technology, public policy, and sustainability to create opportunities for government agencies, law firms, associations and public affairs firms.

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What I've Done

I’ve delivered results for public diplomacy, sustainability, and public affairs initiatives around the globe
My work in association management, public diplomacy, and public affairs has enabled me to build relationships with many extraordinary people on three continents.

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Where I'm Headed

I seek to apply change management and stakeholder engagement strategies to advance sustainability
Social media and Big Data have opened up new and innovative ways to engage stakeholders, create profitable business models, and safeguard irreplaceable natural capital.

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Current Projects

  • PRSA-NCC International Committee

    As the the new co-chair of PRSA’s International committee, I look forward to working with DC’s top public affairs pros on this year’s programs. Learn more...
  • Carbon Farming in Maine

    I’m thrilled to be working with an innovative new company to become a carbon farmer and help fight climate change. Learn more...
  • GreenLeaders DC

    In 2017, we’re recruiting partners to create theme-based working groups - online collaboration spaces for education, consulting, and marketing. Learn more...
  • Fly Casting Certification

    Fly fishing is by far the greatest sport I’ve ever engaged in - meditative, conservation-minded, and highly skilled. It’s time to go pro! Learn more...

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